CAPEC Related Weakness
Retrieve Embedded Sensitive Data
CWE-226 Sensitive Information in Resource Not Removed Before Reuse
CWE-311 Missing Encryption of Sensitive Data
CWE-312 Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information
CWE-314 Cleartext Storage in the Registry
CWE-315 Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information in a Cookie
CWE-318 Cleartext Storage of Sensitive Information in Executable
CWE-525 Use of Web Browser Cache Containing Sensitive Information
CWE-1239 Improper Zeroization of Hardware Register
CWE-1258 Exposure of Sensitive System Information Due to Uncleared Debug Information
CWE-1266 Improper Scrubbing of Sensitive Data from Decommissioned Device
CWE-1272 Sensitive Information Uncleared Before Debug/Power State Transition
CWE-1278 Missing Protection Against Hardware Reverse Engineering Using Integrated Circuit (IC) Imaging Techniques
CWE-1330 Remanent Data Readable after Memory Erase