CAPEC Related Weakness
Exploiting Incorrectly Configured Access Control Security Levels
CWE-732 Incorrect Permission Assignment for Critical Resource
CWE-1190 DMA Device Enabled Too Early in Boot Phase
CWE-1191 Exposed Chip Debug and Test Interface With Insufficient or Missing Authorization
CWE-1193 Power-On of Untrusted Execution Core Before Enabling Fabric Access Control
CWE-1220 Insufficient Granularity of Access Control
CWE-1222 Insufficient Granularity of Address Regions Protected by Register Locks
CWE-1224 Improper Restriction of Write-Once Bit Fields
CWE-1231 Improper Implementation of Lock Protection Registers
CWE-1233 Improper Hardware Lock Protection for Security Sensitive Controls
CWE-1234 Hardware Internal or Debug Modes Allow Override of Locks
CWE-1244 Improper Access to Sensitive Information Using Debug and Test Interfaces
CWE-1252 CPU Hardware Not Configured to Support Exclusivity of Write and Execute Operations
CWE-1257 Improper Access Control Applied to Mirrored or Aliased Memory Regions
CWE-1259 Improper Restriction of Security Token Assignment
CWE-1260 Improper Handling of Overlap Between Protected Memory Ranges
CWE-1262 Register Interface Allows Software Access to Sensitive Data or Security Settings
CWE-1274 Insufficient Protections on the Volatile Memory Containing Boot Code
CWE-1280 Access Control Check Implemented After Asset is Accessed
CWE-1311 Improper Translation of Security Attributes by Fabric Bridge
CWE-1313 Hardware Allows Activation of Test or Debug Logic at Runtime
CWE-1315 Improper Setting of Bus Controlling Capability in Fabric End-point
CWE-1316 Fabric-Address Map Allows Programming of Unwarranted Overlaps of Protected and Unprotected Ranges
CWE-1318 Missing Support for Security Features in On-chip Fabrics or Buses
CWE-1320 Improper Protection for Out of Bounds Signal Level Alerts
CWE-1321 Improperly Controlled Modification of Object Prototype Attributes ('Prototype Pollution')
CWE-1326 Missing Immutable Root of Trust in Hardware