CAPEC Details
Name Signature Spoofing by Key Theft
Likelyhood of attack Typical severity
Medium High
Summary An attacker obtains an authoritative or reputable signer's private signature key by theft and then uses this key to forge signatures from the original signer to mislead a victim into performing actions that benefit the attacker.
Prerequisites An authoritative or reputable signer is storing their private signature key with insufficient protection.
Solutions Restrict access to private keys from non-supervisory accounts Restrict access to administrative personnel and processes only Ensure all remote methods are secured Ensure all services are patched and up to date
Related Weaknesses
CWE ID Description
CWE-522 Insufficiently Protected Credentials
Related CAPECS
CAPEC ID Description
CAPEC-473 An attacker generates a message or datablock that causes the recipient to believe that the message or datablock was generated and cryptographically signed by an authoritative or reputable source, misleading a victim or victim operating system into performing malicious actions.